Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter that re-ses on the iconic full-scale warfare of the franchise.

Adapt and win in a world of the near future transformed by turmoil – fight dynamically on changing battlefields with your team"s support and top-notch arsenal. With the support of 128 players, Battlefield 2042 presents an unprecedented scale on huge battlefields around the world. Players get to experience a number of huge experiences, from updated multiplayer modes like Conquest and Breakthrough to the new Hazard Zone.

In 2042, extreme weather conditions and battles over natural resources have altered the global balance of power. The United States and Russia are on the brink of war, and combat veterans from around the world form independent groups known as strike force. Fight and determine the direction of the future on this unprecedented scene of war.

For the first time in Battlefield history, 128 players can wage a full-scale war at the same time. The huge number of players brings completely new gaming opportunities and epic Battlefield moments. Experience the intensity of unprecedented massive battles and prepare for anything.

Choose your role on the battlefield and use the new Specialist system to form groups just like the one you want. Battlefield"s four-class specialists have one unique special skill and feature, but the rest of the equipment is fully customizable. Choosing and equipping your specialist allows you to create synergies within your group and participate in any kind of combat situation.

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Battlefield 2042 PS5

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