Refrigeration equipment to be integrated


Amica BC137.4 Built-in refrigerator 135 L


Built-in refrigerator with freezer compartment MPM-116-CJI-17/A 121 l


Amica BC211.4 Built-in refrigerator 197 L


Beko BU1153HCN combi-fridge Built-in 107 L F White


Chłodziarka do zabudowy CANDY CRU 164 NE/N


Whirlpool ARG 590 combi-fridge Built-in White


Electrolux LFB2AF88S combi-fridge Built-in F White


Electrolux LXB2AF82S fridge Built-in 127 L F


Electrolux LFB3AF12S combi-fridge Built-in 187 L F White


Electrolux LFB3AF82R combi-fridge Built-in 110 L F White


Candy Fresco CBT3518FW Total No Frost fridge-freezer Built-in 248 L F White


Whirlpool ARZ 0051


Amica BK3055.6NFM fridge-freezer Built-in 241 L F


Indesit INC18 T311 fridge-freezer Built-in 250 L F White


Whirlpool ARG 913 1

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