Button and small batteries


Energizer CR2354


Varta CR1620 3 V


Varta CR1632 3 V


Varta V10GA LR54 1.5 V


Varta V392 SR41 LR41 1.55 V


Varta V394 SR45


Varta V395 SR57 1.55 V


Varta Watch SR69 1kpl


Ansmann CR2477 3V, 1A


Panasonic CR1616 3V, Lithium


Varta CR-1 3N DL-1 3 V


Varta CR2430 3 V


Varta CR2450 3 V


Varta N LR1 1,5V, 2


Varta V13GA LR44 1.5 V, 2

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